Monday 18 June 2018

When only a Custom Fit Car Cover Will do.

You really only appreciate a quality, hand made custom fit, outdoor car cover, when you have seen or attempted to use the poor, mass produced inferior products now flooding into the UK from China.

Here at Coveryourcar, because our covers are made from a non stretch, fabric, they have to be inch perfect,  this is why templates are taken from actual vehicles, for each make, mode, year, and variant of car.  Generic one pattern fits all solutions in our opinion just don't work effectively.

A perfect fit is especially important with an outdoor cover as anything other than that fit wise will result in problems.  If your car also has any king of high level spoiler, and a generic cover is uses, this can lead to problems with wear,  bellowing in the wind and even sharp edges cutting through the material.

For example in this Porsche GT3 Custom Cover, fit is perfect and cover will do the job it was designed to do for years with no issues.  Customer chose blue, also available in black, grey or british racing green. 

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