Tuesday 15 August 2017

Old Skool Tech Combats New Age Car Hacking

There is a worrying trend here in the UK, that seems to be in the news daily regarding cars stolen off driveways and car hacking of wireless entry and start systems of certain types of cars.

Apparently rife in America, and soon to be over here in the UK and Europe.

Where criminals will still target certain makes and models of cars and even break into houses looking for keys, the new trend seems to be just stand outside the owners front door with a sniffer / booster device which can detect the signal emitted from the wireless remote which polls to the car if its in close proximity to the house.

Check out this story the Daily Mail ran describing such a theft.
If you google further you will discover a list of cars, which are susceptible to being hacked with an ever increasing number of stories about such disturbing events.

But there are things you can do and it seems that revolve around old School Technology to protect your pride and joy.

1) Use a Faraday Bag or Faraday Box when keys are in the house, this will stop the signal from polling from the key fob to the car when idle.

2) Use a Steering Wheel Lock, make sure key is NOT on the same set of keys as the car's.  We recommend using a Thatcham approved product such as Disklok which we will shortly be stocking.

3) Use a Security Post of your driveway, make sure key is NOT on the same set of keys as the car's.

4) Use a Wheel Clamp, make sure key is NOT on the same set of keys as the car's.

5) Use a Car Cover with Clip to Car Activated Alarm which can't be hacked. This will give you some warning against a signal hack and keys being stolen plus it will make it less obvious what car you actually have.

6) Fit a physical / manual third party Thatcham approved immobiliser or cut off switch to the ignition.

Further updates will be forthcoming

The Team at Coveryourcar