Wednesday 3 December 2014

Is My Cover Leaking?

At this time of year, especially as its been very mild this winter,  we are asked the same question over and over from some of our customers. Is my cover leaking?

On certain days of the year, you may step outside in the morning to check on your car only to discover that your vehicle is covered in lots of water droplets. How has this happened? You specifically bought a waterproof cover from us to prevent this from happening and to protect your pride and joy from the elements.

Your car is wet and it hasnt even been raining.  What’s happening underneath your cover is the same thing that happens to the grass when dew forms. When there’s moisture in the air, like during our typical British autumnal weather, the cooler temperatures we experience through the night cause that moisture to condense into liquid and that liquid then gathers in droplet form on the coolest surfaces. Those surfaces are often the inside of your house windows, on the grass, on spider’s webs and also your covered car. It’s a completely natural process and one that can’t be avoided.

As moist air passes through the breathable fabric it hits a cold car and condenses, forming water droplets.  This will then vent away during the day naturally as the temperature rises.  Its perfectly normal.  There are afew things you can do to reduce the amount of condensation you experience in the mornings.

a) Park the car in sunlight so it raises the temperature of the car quicker.
b) Park the car away from Plants, Trees, Bushes etc which attract moisture
c) Park the car on a hard surface such as concrete rather than grass or soil or gravel which tend to hold moisture and mean damp rises from the floor, up under the cover.

So no, your cover isnt leaking, its just a natural process that occurs at this time of year.

The Coveryourcar Team