Friday 18 July 2014

Toyota IQ Outdoor Car Cover - Now Available

Having already dealt with our local Toyota Dealership regarding covers for the amazing Toyota GT86 we thought it only right to offer something similar for the IQ.   Having access to the vehicle meant we could basically take a pattern from it for our bespoke car cover solution so it would fit like a glove.

Because the Toyota IQ is such a unique shape, as in Wide but Short, its difficult to find a good off the shelf cover that will fit well.  Hence us taking the time and effort to make a good one!

Having then offered these for sale online and getting lots of interest, we have now decided to mass produce these so they will very shortly be available to buy off the shelf, but in the custom pattern.


The material we are using called Tri-Tech is a lightweight, waterproof yet breathable solution that will compress quite small to fit easily in the back of the IQ.  The Two Tone colour means that the top section in Grey which faces the sun and gets most punishment from heat and UV will last well, and the Dark Sides wont show the dirt over time.

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