Thursday 9 January 2014

Mazda MX5 Car Cover

Congratulations!  If you own an MX5 then you will probably already have the grin factor and be pleased with yourself for purchasing one of the best, modern day 2 seater roadsters on the market today.  Coupled with Japanese reliability these cars in all their forms are becoming sort after as top down fun cars in the summer.

But the soft top versions ( which is the majority ) will suffer if left parked near trees with the dreaded green mold forming around the base of the hood, caused when water droplets fall onto the car that have previously ran over plant life or similar, they evaporate leaving the residue behind.  This can lead to an expensive repair or at worse a musty smell inside the car over time.

Stormforce Cover Shown Above (mk3)

Solution is fit a quality car cover when the car is parked up.  Not only will it protect the paint in the sun and frost but will also protect the hood, in summer and winter months.

This pattern is one of our most popular.  The pattern comes in 3 off the shelf patterns. One for the smaller Mk1 and another for the slightly bigger Mk2 and another for the later MK3 with the flared arches.  Alternatively you can do down the bespoke route and we can custom made one for you in your choice of colour with options like Tax Disc and or Numberplate Windows should you need them.

Contact us today on 01744 633985 where our car cover specialists can advise you on our choice of patterns and materials.  Whatever your budget we have something to suit.