Saturday, 10 November 2012

Car Covers and Frosty, Icy Early Mornings

Its that time of year where icy and frosty windscreens greet you first thing in the morning and taking time to scrape the windows can delay your start to the day, just what you dont need when trying to get to work on time or drop the kids off at school.

The solution is a Voyager, lightweight full car cover. This is a strong lightweight cover that wont freeze on your car and can quickly be thrown in the boot on removal.  It will dry quickly and wont rip due to its triple weave construction.

Porsche Boxster Voyager Cover in Action

So why go for a full cover over a half cover?  Simple, it will be there, on the vehicle in the morning even if its windy and not down the road and it wont damage your car as no straps run over the body work.  This is why we do not sell half covers.

So simply no need to scrape the windows or side mirrors by using one of our Voyager car covers this winter.  Its not a 100% waterproof cover but its tough as old boots and take the punishment that ice or snow will throw at it.

Available immediately and worldwide via our amazing value shipping rates... visit us today at and regain control of your day.