Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Car covers and Logos

OK you've decided you want a nice, made to measure indoor car cover for your pride and joy complete with logo on the bonnet. You decide to do a bit of searching on the internet and phoning round and are met with sheepish replies...why? Because 9/10 its illegal but lots of companies turn a blind eye. ( Not Us )

Here are the answers you will get.
a) Sure no problem we will charge you £££ for doing it. ( Illegal )
b) If you provide the logo we will do it and charge you. ( You are breaking the law )
c) No we wont do it sorry as its a registered trademark and we dont have permission ( The right answer )

If you are prepared to take a risk and have the brand logo placed on your car cover you may at some point in the future receive a nice letter from the manufacturers solicitor demanding the goods back as they are counterfit plus thay may take action against you.

Dont say we didnt warn you.

The Team At