Friday 20 February 2009

Pearl Cleaning Products

We are currently testing some products by a UK company called Pearl. Probably the best kept secret in car care, these products are used nationally by hundreds of dealerships and valeting companies. They claim their products clean 15,000 cars a week so we decided to test them out with a view to maybe selling them direct to the public.

First off was Pearl Shine, a wash and wax style product that dries leaving the car with no steaks and a visible glossy coating. Have to say it left the little Fiat 500 looking very clean, even the windows dried with no streaks.

Then we used Pearl Pro Shine, a spray on, light wax which is easy to apply and remove and leaved no residue. We used it on the car, windows and wheels and have to say its fantastic.

Watch for the Pearl products for sale on our website, something this good cant remain a secret!

Greg -