Monday, 18 June 2018

When only a Custom Fit Car Cover Will do.

You really only appreciate a quality, hand made custom fit, outdoor car cover, when you have seen or attempted to use the poor, mass produced inferior products now flooding into the UK from China.

Here at Coveryourcar, because our covers are made from a non stretch, fabric, they have to be inch perfect,  this is why templates are taken from actual vehicles, for each make, mode, year, and variant of car.  Generic one pattern fits all solutions in our opinion just don't work effectively.

A perfect fit is especially important with an outdoor cover as anything other than that fit wise will result in problems.  If your car also has any king of high level spoiler, and a generic cover is uses, this can lead to problems with wear,  bellowing in the wind and even sharp edges cutting through the material.

For example in this Porsche GT3 Custom Cover, fit is perfect and cover will do the job it was designed to do for years with no issues.  Customer chose blue, also available in black, grey or british racing green. 

For more information call us on 01744 416530 or visit our website at

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Honda Civic Type R -FK8 Custom car Cover Pattern Available.

We now have the pattern for the 2018 Honda Civic Type R - FK8 Version in our two tone, Cielo, Custom Fit Fabric.  Having initially found it difficult to locate a car, we did at a dealership in Bradford and the car was patterned and a template made.

This is an involved and lengthy process but once done, you can rest assured the cover made from the pattern will fit perfectly.

The Cover will be fully tailored, following the rear windscreen down and then over the profile of the Extreme Rear Spoiler.  There is even a small pocket on the roof for the Shark Fin Antenna.  Yes we know its exact location.

So no need to put up with a semi fitted, sort of fits cover anymore for the FK8, we have the perfect solution at and £199, great value for a custom made waterproof and breathable, full tailored cover.

If researching online, make sure you ask for photos, so you know what you are getting.  We think ours is Spot On.

Below is a photo of us fitting a Cielo Honda Civic Type R - FK8 cover to customers car at Local cars and Coffee meet in Liverpool.

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Friday, 2 February 2018

Lancia Fulvia Towing Cover commissioned for the Historique Monte Carlo Rally

Having supplied car covers for many years to local Italian Car Specialists, All Italia Ltd of Wrexham, we were commission to measure and make a bespoke cover that could be used for trailering a classic Rally Race Prepared Lancia Fulvia Coupe to the start of the event and also on its journey home.

The car was going to be sat on a trailer and needed protection from the elements plus overnight coverage during the event.

About 4 weeks before the event, we had access to the car so we took photos and measurements for things like, the large spotlights, single door mirror pocket and rear reversing lamp.

10 days before the event the cover was supplied, and fitted perfectly, creating much interest from fellow competitors and enthusiasts at the start of the event in Glasgow

For more information contact us on 01744 416530

Friday, 26 January 2018

Stormforce PLUS Motorcycle Covers

With the great success of our Stormforce PLUS range of car covers, we have now extended the range to suit our Stormforce Motorcycle Covers Also.

Motorcycle covers general tend to fit differently to car covers in that the number of fixing points tends to be less and therefore keeping the cover on the bike can be an issue. They are also smaller, more square and sometimes have pannier sand top boxes fitted.

Hence we are now offering a PLUS upgrade on the standard Stormforce Motorcycle Covers.  This means that instead of just relying on the elasticated hem and single under bike strap, the addition of the 360 degree hemline tension skirt means you apply pressure around the entire underside of the bike.

Now available to buy online via our dedicated Motorcycle Cover website

Any questions please give us a call on 01744 633985 where our team will be able to assist and answer any questions you may have about this new exciting upgrade.

The Coveryourcar Team

Monday, 1 January 2018

Stormforce PLUS - EXTRA DEEP New for 2018

Due to the success of our new and improved Stormforce PLUS covers in 2017, we have decided to take it a step further in 2018 with a PLUS version, specifically for 4x4s, Land Rovers and vehicles that sit high off the ground.

When using a conventional car cover on any of the above mentioned vehicles, the wheels tend to remain exposed, also the cover becomes an easy target for the wind. Any large gap between the ground and the under side of the vehicle can result in damage to the cover in windy conditions.

Its also obvious even when covered what the vehicle is under it with a conventional cover.  The new EXTRA DEEP hides the car completely, a bonus if you are a Land Rover owner as these classic vehicles are now extremely desirable to thieves.

The Answer,  is our new Stormforce PLUS - EXTRA DEEP.   This is an upgrade to the Standard 4 Layer Stormforce Cover by the factory, its a bespoke hand finished improvement, where an extra  deep 360 degree hemline skirt is added to the cover, as in the photo of the prototype.

The finished article wont touch the ground as we are planning a database of "variable skirt depths" for different makes and models of 4x4s and Larger SUVs.

Yes you could just use wheel covers, if you can find some big enough to fit but in reality they take time to fit and remove, each time the car is driven and soon becomes tiresome ( no pun intended )

Available also with our integrated car cover alarm for peace of mind

Due to launch early in 2018, enquire online or call us on 01744 633985 for more information.

The Team at

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Something New for 2018

We have been busy with several new projects underway for 2018. 

Prototypes have been made and are currently being tested for projects we will launch and reveal in the new year.

Something we are excited about are a new range of PLUS outdoor covers, specifically for 4x4 vehicles like Land Rovers, Jeeps etc where total coverage is required, but never truly ever really achieved.

This new range of PLUS covers is being announced due to the incredible success of the Stormforce PLUS Outdoor Car Covers we launched earlier this year.

Keep an eye on this blog, the website and our various social media streams for more information in January 2018. - i.e. Facebook - Instagram and Twitter

May we take this opportunity to wish all our customers, old and new a Happy Christmas and Great New Year.

Greg Lunt - MD - 1st Portal Network Ltd

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Car Cover Reviews - Not all they claim to be....

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage and if your car is facing Winter outdoors, it pays to cover it up with the best solution available in terms of fit and effectiveness.

You will find so called independent reviews on the internet, usually by Auto Magazines that know little or nothing about car covers judging by few samples they have chosen, then give the best of them 5 stars.  Quite often the covers chosen are from retailers or manufacturers who have paid a fee to have their cover featured and reviewed....bit misleading to say the least.

Anyone serious about protecting there car over Winter wouldn't go and buy a generic outdoor car cover from some retail park and expect it to work as well as a fully tailored, custom solution, they are worlds apart.

So if you are looking for a cover for the Winter ahead, spend wisely, do your own research, listen to reviews by actual customers on forums and the like and make your own decision.

We know our covers are good and our bespoke solutions rank amongst the best available, but we will leave it to the customer to make the final choice.

Happy Motoring

Greg Lunt - 1st Portal Network Ltd