Friday, 2 October 2009

Towels and Blankets? NO NO NO!

Had a call today from a customer who apparently had been told by one of the major high street auto retailers to put blankets or even towels on his car before he fitted the cover they sold to stop the cover scratching his car or damaging his soft top. This is wrong in so many ways...

a) If the cover marks the car its obviously a poor fitting cover ( general fit as per most general motor stores ) or its a poor quality with poor quality inner.

b) Anything like this placed on the car under a car cover will become damp and hold moisture against the paint which is not good for your car.

Either way this is bad advise and what you can expect from retailers who dont know anything about car covers, other than they hope to cover their backs because they have been told to do so by "the management". Please people, spend some decent money, buy a decent cover and dont listen to any bull.